Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TM0HQ at F6KNB IARU HF World Championship

Another edition of the IARU HF World Championship is over. I am just back from Bordeaux where at the fantastic F6KNB site and together with Phil - F6IFY and Pat - F6IRF we took part in the 20m CW team. There were two more "band-teams" for 40m SSB and 10m CW on the same site.

The F6KNB boys had done a tremendous preparation to host the three bands on their site. For the 20m part, they constructed a six element yagi on an 18m long boom, that was installed on their 30m high tower. This antenna came as an addition to the 5 element one, installed some 40m west of the new one and at a 12m high tower.

You can see above how the 20m CW operation was organized. Any of the two positions at the forefront could take the run, the third one serving as support or in-band multiplier hunting. During the calmer hours and especially the second day, it was possible to hunt many precious mults.

Photos are courtesy of David - F4DVX.

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